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Tools for Buying and Selling


Selling a home can be exciting, but nerve wracking. Here you will find ways to make that process easier, find out your responsibilities as a seller, and how to market your house to get the offers you want and deserve. If you know the ropes already feel free to head to our Order page where we can assist you in the final closing process.


Congratulations on your new home! Here at Insight we want to help make this purchase as smooth as possible. Below you will find numerous links and tools to help you navigate closings, financing, and the homeowning world at large. If you're ready to start the closing process, head over to our Order page.
Looking at multiple homes? We have the perfect chart for you! Download the .pdf below!


Both Buyers and Sellers need to be aware of real estate fraud. Buyers should get a trusted title search on the property (a service Insight offers!) and any applicable inspections and due diligence. Sellers have to make sure funds are valid from the buyer (and verify the buyer is a real person!). The best way to avoid fraud on the seller's end is to involve an escrow company (like Insight!). We can help verify that the buyer is legitimate and your profits are protected during a wiring transaction.
At Insight Title, we are adamant about protecting your assets during the wiring process. If at any time you question a correspondence (a last minute closing change, an unknown email contact, etc.) CALL US. The best way to weed out any potential crime is to speak directly with your title agent.  
Read more about avoiding real estate fraud here

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